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sue mc leaod consulting simple ways graphicsI’ve said that coaching is simple. All it takes at the most basic level is connecting with another person, being curious, asking questions, responding to what they say with more questions, and believing that they are creative and can find their own answers and path forward In my EBook, I explore 5 simple ways for improving your coaching, including being more mindful, asking questions, and promoting your client to Partner. Download and start your path to better coaching today!

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I’ve written a lot about coaching. I write pithy, sometimes irreverent, and always relevant musings on our coaching profession. I like to question what we do, explore our challenges, and find simple ways to get out of our way to be the best coaches we can be!Click on the notes below to find a thought provoking BLOG post

The Being of Coaching
The Doing of Coaching
The Ethics of Coaching

Fall 2019 Webinar with ICF Maryland Chapter

Core Strength:

Take Your Coaching to the Next Level

Sponsored by the ICF Maryland Chapter

A Coaching Core Competencies Webinar presented by

Sue McLeod, PCC

Fall 2019

Dates and Times TBA

Do you ever feel your coaching could be stronger, more balanced, or more agile? If so, a great place to start is to strengthen your Core Competencies! A weak core leads to instability and falls; a strong core powers every coaching move we make.

This Webinar is for any seasoned or newer coach who wants to:

  • Better understand how the ICF Coaching Competencies support client-centered learning
  • Become bolder and more confident in the use of coaching models, skills and tools
  • Acquire new coaching questions and techniques in each of the 11 Core Competencies
  • Gain a clear picture of the expectations for PCC Level coaching

Earn 1.5 Core Competency CCEUs