Announcing 2019 Coaching Master Class

July 11 through October 17 

Pursuing your ICF credential? Renewing? Planning to upgrade? Just want to be a better and more effective coach?

Join the Coaching Master Class to

*dig into the ICF expectations of a masterful PCC level coach

*turn over and examine your own coaching in a confidential and supportive group of peers

* weed out the bad habits you’ve been tolerating

*sow the seeds for being the best coach you can be


This small group learning environment features

*Class size limited to 8 coaches

*A safe space to be honest about your coaching challenges

*Learning in conversation with other experienced coaches

*Guidance from my 15 years of experience in training, assessing and mentoring coaches

You’ll enjoy

*Eight 90-minute tele-classes over 7 months

*Reflective assignments to focus on that you need to learn

*18 Core-Competency CEUs

*An Ethics module that meets the training requirement for your ICF credential renewal

If you're ready to explore your coaching through learning about the competencies and having honest conversations with other coaches, I hope you'll join me. You can register HERE

Why take the Coaching Master Class?

The ICF competencies are the foundation on your strength and agility as a coach. 

In my Coaching Master Class, we explore each one and reflect on how they support the coach/client relationship, how they distinguish coaching from other professions, and how they are structured to support our client's learning, growth, and change. 

Going through the core competencies, then having to reflect with the written homework assignments forced me to think more deeply about the competencies. Bert David

While you learn about the competencies, you are also invited to apply your learning to your coaching practice, focusing on your challenges and what you need to improve to better serve your clients.

It didn't surprise me that setting the agreement was one area I needed to work. From your class, I've gained so much clarity about how to set the agreement and the importance of setting the agreement in all aspects of life. Maggie French

The class is based on conversation among experienced coaches. You'll learn from your colleagues and have a chance to share your experience and wisdom to help their learning, too.

There's something magical that happens when people get together in the learning environment Sue creates. So, on one level, there is the ethereal feeling of camaraderie. But the there's another level where I'm getting real, practical information and help on what to do to be a better coach. My notebook if full of new questions to ask my clients. Kelly Kienzle

Join the Coaching Master Class if…

• You’re renewing your current ICF credential
• You’re upgrading your credential from ACC to PCC
• You’re applying for an ICF credential as a Portfolio Applicant
• You’re a Mentor Coach
• You're coaching feels rusty, or your not confident in how you’re using your coaching skills.

Why study coaching with Sue?

Your instructor, Sue McLeod, is a skilled trainer, mentor coach, and assessor, with deep knowledge of the ICF’s coaching competencies for winning coaches. Work with Sue to pass the ICF’s PCC level coaching tests – the coaching assessment and the Coach Knowledge exam – and retool your coaching for unprecedented growth.