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I’ve said that coaching is simple. All it takes at the most basic level is connecting with another person, being curious, asking questions, responding to what they say with more questions, and believing that they are creative and can find their own answers and path forward.

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So why do I continue to offer coach training for experienced coaches? After 100, 500 or more hours of coaching experience, shouldn’t we have mastered these simple things?

It turns out that these simple things aren’t always easy. Some of them are at odds with ideas, beliefs, and skills that have made us successful in other careers. For examples, consultants find that the impulse to identify and solve problems can get in the way of their curiosity and listening. Over time, they are pulled back to this old ways of serving clients. 

As I observe my own coaching, teach classes and work with coaches on their coaching I’m learning more about what makes coaching work and how coaches can increase their effectiveness.

From all of this learning, I’ve distilled a small number of SIMPLE WAYS you can improve your coaching - things that will help you get back to the core skills, beliefs and ways of being that make coaching powerful and effective.  You can find these in my new E-Book “Simple Ways to Improve Your Coaching” available free to download HERE.

But like any self-help book that provides thought-provoking ideas, my “Simple Ways” can’t tell you the best way to improve your coaching. It takes more than knowing to deepen your understanding, apply it to yourself, and follow your own path forward.

Students in my Coaching Master Class and my Mentor Coaching Clients are excited to discuss their coaching challenges and finding new ways to improve their own coaching. Through sharing our experiences and questions about how we can be more effective, you can create new insights into your coaching. 

Learn more about the my classes and mentor coaching HERE.

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