Pursuing your ICF credential? Renewing? Planning to upgrade? Just want to be a better and more effective coach?



It’s been a long winter!  Here in Maine, we’ve been shoveling snow and dealing with below freezing temps since November. I know from my friends along the East Coast and in the Midwest that it’s been a tough all over. Never ending snow, ice, cold, and cancellations. It’s hard to believe that spring is on its way!

One of the delights of my winter has been the Coaching Master Class. I’ve been impressed by the level of commitment students have shown to their learning. They are willing to focus in on a the coaching competencies and wrestle with what they mean, and where they need to improve. They share their coaching stories with each other, including their struggles and uncertainties. They teach each other with their questions and experience. And they design their own assignments to observe themselves more closely, and try new coaching moves.

I’ve witnessed each student increasing his or her knowledge and confidence, and enjoying a deepening awareness of what it means to be a masterful coach.

Here’s what a couple of alums shared with me about their experience in the class:

It didn’t surprise me that setting the agreement was one area I needed to work. From your class, I’ve gained so more clarity about how to set the agreement and the importance of setting the agreement in all aspects of your life.  Maggie French

Going through the core competencies, then having to reflect with the written homework assignments forced me to think more deeply about the competencies. Bert David

And, now, at long last, spring is coming.  The birds are returning to the Maine landscape. The ice on the river is breaking up and flowing out to sea. The snow is melting, revealing the ground from which our summer grass and flowers will emerge.

It’s the perfect season to spruce up your coaching.

Join the Coaching Master Class to

  • dig into the ICF expectations of a masterful PCC level coach
  • turn over and examine your own coaching in a confidential and supportive group of peers
  • weed out the bad habits you’ve been tolerating
  • sow the seeds for being the best coach you can be

The next class starts in June and runs through December, giving you a full growing season to plant, cultivate and harvest your new crop of coaching skills.

This small group learning environment features

  • *Class size limited to 8 coaches
  • *A safe space to be honest about your coaching challenges
  • *Learning in conversation with other experienced coaches
  • *Guidance from my 15 years of experience in training and mentoring coaches

You’ll enjoy

  • *Eight 90-minute tele-classes over 7 months
  • *Reflective assignments to focus on that you need to learn
  • *18 Core-Competency CEUs
  • *An Ethics module that meets the training requirement for your ICF credential renewal

I am passionate about helping coaches to do their best work and provide great value to their clients. Join me!

Space is limited. Register now to reserve your place in the June Coaching Master Class.

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PS – Because filling the class early saves me time and money, I offer an early bird discount of $150. I would love for you to take advantage of these savings by registering now!

Your instructor, Sue McLeod, is a skilled trainer, mentor coach, and assessor, with deep knowledge of the ICF’s coaching competencies for winning coaches. Work with Sue to pass the ICF’s PCC level coaching tests – the coaching assessment and the Coach Knowledge exam – and retool your coaching for unprecedented growth.

Join the Coaching Master Class if…

• You’re renewing your current ICF credential
• You’re upgrading your credential from ACC to PCC
• You’re applying for an ICF credential as a Portfolio Applicant
• You’re a Mentor Coach
• You're coaching feels rusty, or your not confident in how you’re using your coaching skills.

 The Coaching Master Class provides 18 Core Competency CEUs for less that $100/CEU hour, and meets the requirement for 3 hours of Ethics training.